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    Maurizio Oviglia on Foglie Cadenti, 6a

    E9 Team

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    Brook Trout.

    National Geographic - June, 1997

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    FIFA World Cup 2014

    Brazil vs. Germany

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  5. "Pity is a strong word but I would like to apologize to Brazil. We didn’t expect such a score and we tried to be respectful by playing football and scoring goals. This World Cup is a dream come true to us. We’re all really enjoying the Brazilian people and I wish to say that the Seleção has played a great role in the tournament." - Bastian Schweinsteiger

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    Young Grizzly Cub (by AlaskaFreezeFrame)

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    breakfast on the line 


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    knock knock mother fuckers


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    Done by Rob Banks at East River Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

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    Wilberforce Falls on the Hood River in Canada

    National Geographic | January 1986

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    Film Still From Viva La Vie.

    Nina Caprez and Jonathan Siegrist

    Photo Credits: Arc’teryx

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    my entire life is me dropping things and whispering ‘fuck’

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