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    walk to the end of earth

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    Ama Dablam at Sunset

    Khumbu Valley, Himalayas, Nepal

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    tell them I ate your homework. They’ll never believe you

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    the premier league is already so raw and this is day 1

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    Blaze Foley - Clay Pigeons

    I’m going down to the greyhound station
    Gonna get a ticket to ride
    Gonna find that lady with 2 or 3 kids
    And sit down by her side
    And ride until the sun comes up and down around me about 2 or 3 times
    smoking cigarettes in the last seat trying
    to hide my sorrow from the people I meet
    And get along with it all
    Go down where people say ya’ll
    Sing a song with a friend
    Change the shape that I’m in
    And get back in the game
    And start playing again

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    Monte Pumori

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    oh my god two words in that just UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE

    All hope is lost so quickly I can’t stop laughing.

    danish tv is the best thing ever


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    this is my entire communication degree in 6 seconds

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